You Can't Let Down Your Guard With a Demon

Brrr, it’s really cold here. Last week was much nicer. So much so that I left the front door open in the morning while I was eating breakfast to get some fresh air in the house.

On Wednesday morning, I was calmly eating my cereal at the dining room table when some people had the absolute nerve to hang out in the common area across my sidewalk and talk to each other. George was in an uproar! That’s clearly not appropriate behavior in her world.

She jumped up on the table (I’ve given up trying to keep her off, yes, she’s the owner and I’m the slave) so she could peer out the door and growl. Not very loudly, of course. They might have a chance of hearing her then.

I got up to get something out of my bedroom and, when I came back, she was whisker deep into the cereal bowl and enjoying every lap of milk.

I just had to laugh. What a dope! She was sitting right there and I just left my breakfast unprotected. I deserved to lose some of it for stupidity alone.

For the record, she did get shooed off the table at that point. I’m not a total wimp at discipline. Just mostly a wimp.


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