Kitten Days Revisited

When I first got George, her birth Mommy's owner sent her home with what I call a crackle ball. It looked like a tin foil ball and it made a cracking sound when you squished it.

We used to play fetch with it every day. I would throw it, she would bat it around then carry it back to me. Repeat, repeat. When I woke up in the morning, she would bring it up on the bed and we started our day by playing fetch.

At some point, all of the crackle balls disappeared and the fetch game stopped. Until tonight.

I bought her a cat stocking at PetSmart this past weekend. 25 toys for something like $3.99. Cheap! As she bugged the crap out of me while I was trying to address my holiday cards on Sunday, I doled out a few toys. She paid a minimal amount of attention to them until tonight when one struck her fancy. (I was still working on cards and not paying attention to her. Coincidence? I think not.)

Go get it, George!
It was another ball, this one with glittery threads on it. She carried it over and dropped it at my feet. I tossed it and she brought it back. Again and again and again.

What fun! Just like the old days. I'm hopeful she won't be bored of it by tomorrow because it's a good game and good exercise for my little Fatty McFatfat.


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