Kathy - Zero, Sauce - Two

Here’s to hoping I’m less of a loser in 2012...

So, I improvised dinner last night. I had some organic sunburst squash to use and researched recipes online. One person had some recipes but said they pretty much hated the taste of the squash because it’s bitter. I decided what better way to hide that then by cooking it up with hot Italian sausage (my new fave food item).

I browned the sausage with some onions then tossed in the squash. It looked a little dry so I poured in about a third of a jar of organic Marinara sauce. It actually tasted pretty dang good.

The trouble started when I decided to eat in front of the TV. I was sitting in my chair with the plate on my lap when I tried to cut one of the squash pieces in half with my fork.

The piece of squash, several pieces of sausage and a lot of sauce went flinging off my plate and splattered all over my leg, my chair and the carpet. Godsdammit.

Yeah, I had flashbacks to the ruination of my favorite white tee-shirt when that batch of spaghetti sauce decided to jump out of its pan on the stove.
I did a quick cleanup of the chair and the floor, wiped the gobs off my jeans then threw the jeans in the washer along with the rest of the clothes in the hamper. It was laundry night anyway.

My dryer takes two runs to get things dry (it’s a stackable unit so not very powerful). I usually set the first round before I go to bed then set the second when I get up in the morning so I can take everything out when it’s still hot.

Of course, I forgot this morning so I was pretty much ready to go when I realized my clothes weren’t dry. I started up the dryer then dug through the load half way through to remove the smaller items that were already dry in order to speed up the bigger items. Finally everything was dry so I pulled it all out then threw on a pair of jeans and headed to work.

It was only after I got to work that I looked down to see that I was wearing the same jeans from last night and they are hugely stained with sauce. I look like I spilled an entire cup of coffee on myself. Which would be something since I don’t drink coffee.


Maybe my New Year’s resolutions should be to eat at the dining room table like a grownup and avoid red sauce.


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