Because We're 'Mericans, Dang It!

We had a request to display a message in our software to notify the user when something was canceled.  I put in the development request and said to display "This gift card has been canceled." My developer wrote it as "This gift card has been cancelled."

I commented on the development request that I knew I was being nitpicky but I wanted the spelling with one L because that's the US standard. Another developer posted two web links explaining that one L is really wrong (though accepted) and we should be spelling it the way the Brits do.

My reply?

What country do we live in?

I also replied that I, too, could go find links to support my preferred spelling. Seriously, you can find something to support any view on the interwebs if you look long enough.

I took our conversation off the development request form to spare everyone one else from reading our comments and IMd my buddy who posted the links. The conversation started off with me calling him a foreigner. Because he is. He's from Singapore and he didn't even know who Donny and Marie were so I'm not taking any US spelling advice from the likes of him!

We bantered back and forth for a while. I posited that he speaks and spells American English now so he needs to get with the program, he says he still calls the trunk of his car the boot. I call shenanigans.

The debate ended, unresolved, when he shared this link with me and I was off to Doctor Who land instead of Grammarville.

How cool is this? 18 acres!


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