Three Gratitudes - Day 12

Continuing on my quest to feel happiness, I'm going to post three things I'm grateful for for 21 days.

Out for the night in Milwaukee
  1. Friends from all over that come out to play with me. There are many cities that I can go to and send out a "Hey, want to meet for cocktails or dinner?" and get a "You bet!" I love that. When in Milwaukee, those peeps are my cousin, Tim, and Rick and Sherry Perkins of the Milwaukee Area Parrothead Association. They were kind enough to entertain me for an evening and Sherry even recruited a few more from the club to join us. Despite their hatred of Jimmie Johnson, they were good people. We went to a great place on the Milwaukee River called the Sail Loft. Lots of great beer selections and Sherry introduced me to the owner and a couple of guys that work there and I had some great conversations with them. Then, it was on to Twisted Fisherman which is a very cool, parrot head like bar. You could almost pretend you're in Key West. Sherry and I closed it down and a great night was had.
  2. Facebook checkins. I get mocked when I check people in. While out with my MAPA friends, both Rick and Sherry's phones went off. Rick looked down and said, "Kathy's at the Sail Loft!" But, you know what? Without those checkins I would never remember where I was and wouldn't be able to fully recount the stories (see above). It's hard when you're not in your own town to recall the names when you bar hop. It's hard when it is your town as my friend Pete and I tried to recall all the places we went to one night in Des Moines. :D
  3. Personal GPS systems. Continuing along my out of town theme, whomever got GPS to the point where we can all have one in our vehicles rocks. I have no sense of direction to begin with and dropping me in the middle of a place I haven't been to ever or in a while and I'm lost. There were a couple of times in Milwaukee where I had to use my Uncle's Garmin or Maps on my iPhone (the latter actually worked). I remember the days when you used to stop at a service station or convenience store to ask people how to get to the highway or where a certain street was. Now, it's just a thing to program in and go.


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