Three Gratitudes - Day 2

Continuing on my quest to find happiness, I'm going to post three things I'm grateful for for 21 days.

My view every morning

  1. George! Of course, my baby is on the gratitude list. You know how some people have cats that are really cuddle bunnies and others that run and hide? Those are normal cats. It's only fitting that I would get a cat that, on her best day, is quirky and on her worst is a demon. George is a contrary creature. She refused to be trained to stay off the counter and the dining room table yet will come from another room if I call her. Try to pick her up or hold her and she cries like you're literally destroying her organs but she insists on lying on my chest each morning when I wake up so she can purr and lick my face and sometimes just rest her head in my cupped hand while she sleeps. She interferes with my packing yet doesn't do anything destructive while I'm gone. In fact, she greets me at the door and proceeds to tell me long stories about what's happened in my absence. I only have to respond with an occasional, "That's a really good story!" to keep her going. A constant source of entertainment and Facebook fodder, I am so grateful I decided to keep my friend from being "that" cat lady and brought my little baby home.
  2. My lunch buds. I have a few friends from work that I consistently have lunch with. Today was my girlyfriends day. Our conversations alternate between incredibly silly and constructive career advice. Every other Thursday, I lunch with Sugar Daddy. Those conversations range from TV, movies and work. I think we check IMDB at least once each time. Since he doesn't work in the office anymore, this is our time to keep our friendship connection going. Friday is my lunch day with T. T lives to get me riled up about something each Friday, whether it's his driving ("Baby Jesus!" or his right wing views. All of these people contribute to a wonderful break from the work day and I come back to the office recharged for the afternoon.
  3. The public library system. I would be poor (well, poorer than I am) if I bought every book that I read. It's awesome to be able to go online, reserve a book, get an email when it's on the shelf for me then pick it up at my convenience. For FREE! A library card is more valuable than a Platinum American Express. It can take me around the world, around the galaxy and to worlds in an entirely different realm. 


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