That's Not Quite What I Said

We've adopted a phrase that I think came from my crew in Iowa. When things are scalding or extremely sexy, we say they are "Lava hot!"

Yesterday, my crazy friend Ashley (well, she's one of my crazy friends, not the only) asked me to drive through Starbucks on our way back to the office after lunch. She ordered two overpriced drinks to-go and was struggling with not burning herself while getting everything safely in the car.

I said, "That's lava hot!"

She said, "Llama hot?"

I said, "Not exactly, lava as in coming from a volcano."

She said, "I like llama hot better so that's what I'm going to say." She then proceeded to post on Facebook "Holy cow it's Llama Hot!" Two other people besides me liked her status. I don't know if they're crazy, too, or just being supportive of her randomness.

Of course, I had to follow up so I posted this picture on Facebook.

Captioned, "Ashley, is this llama hot?"
My friends are apparently used to me posting nonsense such as this because they chimed in with various comments on the photo.

It could be that I'm their crazy friend. Or, maybe I have a lot more crazy friends than I thought.


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