Three Gratitudes - Day 3

Continuing on my quest to feel (I changed this from find because I think it's a more appropriate word) happiness, I'm going to post three things I'm grateful for for 21 days.

It looks dramatic and all but it doesn't happen often.

  1. The weather in the Valley of the Sun. Sure, there are a few days when it's hotter than Satan's oven and we might have a couple of haboobs, microbursts or the occasional hail but that's all worth it for what we don't have. We don't have blizzards or snow storms of any size, tornados, hurricanes, ice storms or earthquakes (technically not weather but I'm still grateful). Oh, and humidity. I hate humidity and, while there are a few days that could qualify as "muggy", we mostly don't have it. We might complain when it hits 110 but then we're pretty good until it hits 120. That is hot. Really, you know you have pretty temperate weather when five minutes of rain is deemed newsworthy. And, people don't know how to drive after just two minutes of rain.
  2. Browser cache and my MacBook Pro. Nerdy, I know but, seriously, this saved me yesterday. We use a problem ticket system that lives in the cloud. I was working on posting a series of testing results and comments on a ticket throughout yesterday afternoon. As I was driving home, it occurred to me that I hadn't saved it. Since you can just close a Mac's lid and go then reopen later (all without shutting down), I opened it up when I got home, went to that tab in Chrome and voila! Notes were still there and I was able to post them via my home wireless. Technology, when it works, is awesome.
  3. My organic fruit and veggie service. Sure, I could drive to Sunflower and Sprouts to shop for organics but I'm lucky to have a company here in town that deliveries a selection to my door every other week. Although I haven't priced it out, I think I may be actually saving money despite the delivery fee because they're buying in bulk. I get a wonderful selection of things that are good for me and it's forced me to try new things. Who knew I would love kale and chard? Well, now I do. As many items as possible are locally sourced so I can feel good about the carbon footprint while feeling good about what I'm putting into my body. 


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