Three Gratitudes - Day 10

Continuing on my quest to feel happiness, I'm going to post three things I'm grateful for for 21 days.

This is my FFL team logo - Go, Pack!

  1. Fantasy Football. I've been playing in a FFL for, golly, 18 or 19 years? When I first started, the commissioner had to manually add up the scores and we used Tuesday's USA Today as the official record. We also had to phone in our lineups because not everyone had email  (gasp!). What's great about FFL is that you get to trash talk people you may not normally see. There's one guy who works downstairs in my building and we may run in to each other every 3 or 4 months. But, when we do, the trashing begins! Not only do we dig each on other on our Fantasy teams, our real life teams get abused, too. The Cowboys guy in my work league really got hammered last year. Rightly so. FFL is also a great excuse to get the gang together in a sports bar on Sundays so you can watch all the game together and point out how many points your running back is scoring against your opponent's.
  2. Commercial airline travel. I'm on a lot of planes. Airports can be a royal pain but planes are awesome. I love being in the air and I love more the fact that I can spend weekends with my friends in Minnesota or Iowa or Texas and not have to take two vacation days just for driving.  I'm going to SoCal and my flight is just under $200. Driving would be two tanks of gas so $140 plus snacks and I'd have to pay to park my car when I get there. Without even factoring in my time, it's almost cheaper to fly. As long as I have a window seat, I am willing to get on a plane any time!
  3. My Help Desk Team. It sometimes take something breaking before you realize how could it used to be. We had three great guys at our Help Desk and life was good. Then, my HD Supervisor quit. Possibly the worst day of work I've had at this job. Not only did we lose a great employee but I lost a buddy that I could talk books, TV, politics and religion with. We had some wonderful conversations. Since he left, we tried two different people in the Help Desk to replace him. We're now 60 days into a third guy and it feels like a winning combination. All three guys have great attitudes, dedication and continue to learn. We kid one about being a hipster and another about being a dinosaur (he just got a Smart Phone!) and the new guy is too new for a label but he's fitting right in. It's been a tough transition but it finally feels right.


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