Movie Review - Much Ado About Nothing

Joss Whedon is a super genius and I want to hang out with him and try to get IQ points via proximity. And, hang out with his super cool friends to see if you can get Cool points via proximity.

I want to be best friends with ALL of them!

OK, that's the short review of my opinion of Much Ado About Nothing.


Whedon is so creative. He took the play, moved it to current times and filmed it in black and white at his home. Oh, and did the music, too. I read that they only took 12 days to film it but you can't tell from the beautiful framing and clever shots (Barbie dolls in the Dollhouse!). It's gorgeous and fun. And, did I mention gorgeous? That party scene! I also want to live at Joss' house because I suspect there might be a lot of alcohol consumed. Bonus!

I knew it was going to be good when the opening scene is a dialog free add on that was perfect for explaining the Benedict/Beatrice love/hate. Wesley and Fred, er, I mean Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker brought a lot of sincerity, angst and outright slapstick humor to their leading roles.

So good together!

There were so many brilliant bits and great casting. Nathan Fillion and Tom Lenk were complete scene stealers as Dogberry and Verges. Clark Gregg got to lighten up a bit then go hardass as we expect from Agent Coulson. It was also nice to see Sean Maher as a bad guy. And, he was bad.

I would watch this cop buddy show.

It certainly helped that I was very familiar with the play because it is the actual Shakespeare stuff being spoken. There's some ridiculousness in the play but that's how Willie wrote it and it was embraced or glossed over here.

Just a beautiful movie that I would watch again.

Of course, as my luck with lacking fellow nerds to hang around with has been going, the friend that I saw the film with would be lucky to clearly define Wil Wheaton from Joss Whedon from Nathan Fillion (though she's trying to learn). So, I didn't have someone to understand my "Andrew was great!" comments.

I tried to explain back stories but gave up and told her, "You know nothing, Jon Snow." Yeah, she didn't get that reference either.



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