Three Gratitudes - Day 14

Continuing on my quest to feel happiness, I'm going to post three things I'm grateful for for 21 days.

This entry is inspired by one of the best days of my life.

Mom, Galore, Shorty and Butch -
they came all the way from Minnesota!

  1. My parents made it to their 50th Wedding Anniversary. I think 50 years of marriage is going to become more and more rare as society has changed. I'm lucky that my parents have had a long and happy marriage. Sure, they bicker but they love and support each other and they love and support Steven and me. I'll be eternally grateful to have them as my parents.
  2. That my parents are the people they are. I was amazed at the turnout for my parents' anniversary party. Not only did we have four generations of family members in attendance, there were literally childhood friends of my Dad's there as well as family friends from when we lived in Wisconsin, crap it's a long time, 40 years ago. The biggest surprise was when people that we used to camp with in the early 70s walked into the room. They live in Minneapolis now but they drove over and booked a hotel just to attend the party. It's a testament to the warmth and stickiness of my parents. They've kept up with all of those relationships and developed new ones with each generation that comes along. People weren't at the party because they felt obligated, they were there because they truly wanted to celebrate my parents.
  3. All the party help we had. Neither Steven nor I really got a chance to sit down and eat because we were constantly on the go mingling and posing for pictures. We couldn't have done it all without help, though. There was my cousin Mike who brought his cotton candy machine, his son Brian who made the cakes, Brian's sister Jenny who helped serve the cakes, cousin Sue who helped me scout locations, her husband Darren who took over the serving line and made sure it was constantly stocked, Aunt Joan who hosted us at her home and helped with setup and a lot of people who brought coolers and ice. There were also plenty of people who showed up and asked, "What can I do to help you?" and then happily took on a task. Everyone was awesome but I was most grateful to have Steven there. Not only did he graciously greet everyone, he played with the kids and he made sure I always had a beer in my hand. 
Celebrating our good job as party hosts.


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