Three Gratitudes - Day 7

Continuing on my quest to feel happiness, I'm going to post three things I'm grateful for for 21 days.

  1. My club BOD and Chairs. I needed to speak with a personal banker on Saturday about our club's debit card. As we were chit-chatting the woman asked me about the Arizona Parrot Head Club. I could talk for hours but I gave her a five minute speech on how many clubs there are in the world, how Buffett requires a minimum of community service events to be a club and how our club, like most others, does more than triple the minimum. She asked me what all we did and I started a list:  PF Chang's Rock N Roll Marathon, Alzheimer's Memory Walk, 50/50 raffles that support St Mary's Food Bank, Lost Our Homes, Angela's Closet, Hemophilia Association and our Parrot Grande event that supports ChildHelpAZ. Her response was an amazed, "You coordinate that all on your own?" No, ma'am, I do not and could not. If it were my only job, I might be able to do it but not as well as the group of dedicated volunteers do it now. Everyone brings their unique set of skills and enthusiasm to the table and we are a stronger group due to their efforts. I love that this organization allows me to participate in good deeds for so many worthy organizations. And, we have a dang good time while we're at it.
  2. Air conditioning. I know people had lived in Phoenix for thousands of years without evaporative or mechanical cooling. I just don't know how they survived. I'm sure they got used to it but they must have been constant pools of sweat and dehydrated matter. Yes, it's still a luxury to many in the world but I fully appreciate it. Especially, after being out and about all day and coming in to my relatively cool home. I'm grateful to all of the folks who worked over the many years it took to get to this point of comfort.
  3. Frivolous pictures on the interwebs. You know, those pics with cute pictures and sayings that add no value except to maybe make you smile. I think we sometimes undervalue what makes us smile. I love scrolling through the cloud and finding and sharing the cuteness. If you can't have your spirits lifted by seeing puppies, kittehs and other baby animals then you're probably that guy who yells at kids to stay off of his lawn. Don't be that guy.
Admit it, this made you smile and/or say "Aww!"


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