Dysfunctional Songs

There's a new Luke Bryan song that's super popular. It's catchy and seems very romantic. Until you listen to the words and realize he's describing a completely unhealthy relationship. Basically, the dude is saying he will stop whatever he's doing, whenever he's doing it, if the chick comes a calling.

It actually makes me a little uncomfortable listening to it. Sort of the same feeling I got reading the Twilight books when Bella wanted to die because her pedophile boyfriend broke up with her.

I will admit that if Luke Bryan sang it directly to me, I might feel differently. :D

It reminds of an old Tim McGraw song where I had that same queasiness.

Seriously, the dude gives up everything for the chick and she goes off with another guy and he pretends to be happy for her. Just to see her smile. Ugh.

I know, I know. They're just songs and Twilight was just poor fiction. But the message refuses to sit well with me. How about some songs about nicely balanced, treat each other with care, it's not healthy to be a doormat music? That would be cool.

Actually, I'd even prefer Taylor Swift's "you're an asshole for being mean to me" songs over these "you're more important then my self respect" songs. And, that could be yet another reason why I'm single.


Kathy Kaz said…
I totally agree!!

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