My friend Cyndi lives on a horse property and actually has several horses. I hate horses for many reasons but let's just sum it up as they're evil.

While everyone else wanted to go look at her new foal, I was enticed outside by the fact that her neighbor has llamas. Awesome!

Cyndi said there was a friendly one named Kai but we heard it as Kyle and decided that's just a better name. So, Kyle it is. And, Kyle is, indeed, friendly. We walked up to the fence and called him over and he came. He had a buddy who followed behind but was too afraid to get close to us.

This is me petting my new friend Kyle.

I tried to get a picture of Kyle's bad llama teeth but he wasn't in focus when he smiled. His buddy gave me a further away smile, though.

What's wrong with my teeth?

Kyle was very sweet and let me pet him for a while. They seem like nice animals though apparently they will spit on you. Which is gross so I don't approve.

I promise not to spit because we're BFFs!

Can't wait to visit him again. Of course, I had to send a picture to my Llama Hot friend, Ashley. She was very jealous which pleased me.


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