Three Gratitudes - Day 6

Continuing on my quest to feel happiness, I'm going to post three things I'm grateful for for 21 days.
  1. My Poker Chicks. I first met Stacey, Angela and Chris back when we all worked at Bookstar. We only worked together for a short time but those initial bonds have remained. Through the years, we've not only managed to maintain a solid friendship but have also added in Stacey's sisters, Cyndi and Beckey, and Angela's husband, Morgan. We go to movies, dinners, concerts and play poker, of course. Most of their poker play is maddening to me but they really enjoy my frustration so it's a win for them. I just don't know why I don't come home with their money each time. We played last night and did the math. We met in 1993 so this is our 20th year together. That makes me grateful. Now, if it would just not make me feel old. It's one thing when you add up the years with your grade and high school friends. But, when it's 20 years with people you met after you finished grad school. Well, damn, that makes me old.
  2. Do nothing days. It feels like I'm constantly on the go. I do things after work most nights and my weekends, when I'm in town, are usually full of events and activities. For example, yesterday I went to the Vet's office to buy George's incredibly expensive food, stopped at the bank to talk about our club bank account, got gas, went through the car wash, went to a meeting on an event I'm working on in September (three hour meeting!), stopped at the library, ran through the grocery store, stopped at home to  unload the groceries then drove 45 miles to play poker. It was a long and full day and a good one. Today was a do nothing day and it was fantastic! I finished one book, am half way through another, took a nap with George, did some minor email stuff and will top it off with watching my Sunday shows. I get those kinds of days every once and a while and I treasure them when they happen.
  3. The Southwestern desert. Every region has something of beauty in the landscape. I love the green of the Midwest, the coastline of California, the mountains of Utah and Keys of Florida. But, nothing resonates with me more than the desert. I can literally lose myself in looking at the expanse of cacti and other plants as they spread out to the mountains. Two areas that are especially appealing are the road to Vegas and the road to Mexico. Both give some great exposure to one fantastically compelling creature, the Joshua Tree. I dig them. I dig them almost to the point of distraction when I'm driving. Oops.
Beautiful, just beautiful.


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