The Pfisters Descend Upon The Pfister

No relation...
The great thing about talking to people in the Midwest is that when I have to give my name, I can say "Pfister, like the hotel" and they get it. That's because there is a semi-famous hotel in downtown Milwaukee that was opened in 1893 by Guido Pfister and his son, Charles. It was the first hotel to have individual room controls for heat. That's fancy! It's also supposed to be haunted, scary!

Lobby ceiling
When we were deciding what to do on our Milwaukee trip, a plan came together to have lunch at the Pfister Hotel. Somewhere along the line, a rule was declared. You had to be either a Pfister by blood or married to a Pfister to attend. Sorry, Mom's side of the family, you didn't make the cut.

This kind of made me dizzy looking up at the ceiling
We ended up with nine in all and called to make a reservation. My Aunt put it under my Dad's name and the hotel thought we were pranking them. Charles Pfister making a reservation at a hotel founded by Charles Pfister over a hundred years ago? Right...

Shorty taking a break
We got there a little early for our reservation and this very nice lady named Donna offered to take us up to the 23rd floor where there's an Executive conference lounge and a Martini bar. It was too bad that the day was cloudy because the view was far reaching.

Darn rainy day
Steven went into the event with a plan. Said plan was to purloin every item he could that had Pfister on it. The poor kid was not every successful as they didn't have the usual stuff (pens, matchbooks, notepads, etc.) just lying around. He managed to snag a pen or two and these chopsticks.

Pretty sure they say "Pfister" in Chinese
Shorty bought us hot/cold drink holders that say The Pfister on them. Mine is in pink, natch, and Steven got one in a close match to ASU Gold. My Aunt Joan bought two glasses that have Pfister engraved on them and she and Shorty broke them in with a Martini night. She also got some pens for each of us. I still have one from several years ago that my Uncle Bill gave me.

Pfisters, all!
I think a couple of different people said they thought we were pranking them and Shorty even showed his Driver's License to our server. One woman had worked there for 23 years and only run into a handful of Pfisters. Our group more than doubled her count.

It was a great lunch despite my cousin Kelly making fun of my "Hello, Kitty" camera. Just because it's pink doesn't mean it's Hello, Kitty! But, now I kind of want to get a sparkly Hello, Kitty decal to put on my phone.


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