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At our last monthly managers' meeting, I used my laptop to display everyone's visual aids. I had a Keynote presentation, three others had PowerPoint and one person had a Microsoft Word document. As we were looking at the Word document, it was commented on that I had a cat on the screen.

This cat, in fact
If you turn on MS Office's Office Assistant, you get a help feature. It comes with a little graphical character that you can change. The default is the Paper Clip. I think his name might actually be Clippy

Not as fun as a cat
For experienced Office users, it's actually a bit of a nuisance. It pops up too frequently and you're usually like, "Yeah, yeah, I know. Shut it!" 

While you can choose different images (even a little Albert Einstein), I love the cat. It actually meows, purrs, curls up to sleep, wakes up and stretches and brings out a hand stamp when you print. 


The best part is that the meowing always freaks George out. She must really think it's another actual cat.

If you use Office, this will at least allow you to be somewhat entertained so check it out.


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