Why I Can Never Pick Music As A Jeopardy Category

Don't tell SiriusXM that I would pay so much more for their service than they charge.

I was driving home from work and heard a familiar song. I even sung along.

Gimme dat, gimme dat
Gimme, gimme, gimme dat
Gimme dat ding, gimme dat

I thought, "Cool, Doctor Hook song."

Then, I looked at the display and it said the song was by Pipkins (1970).


Who the hell is that?

I surmised that it must be a group also fronted by the same guy as Doctor Hook. (Whose name is Ray Sawyer but I couldn't remember it until I looked it up. Ray, I could have gotten. Sawyer, not so much.)

I chanted Pipkins the rest of the way home because I won't google and drive and I didn't want to forget to look it up. I can't stand ignorance.

You can only imagine my surprise to find that The Pipkins was a duo composed of Roger Burrows and Tony Greenway. No association with Ray Sawyer at all!

How did I not know this?

Here's the song. I sincerely hope that no one else knows this but, considering how many professional musicians I know, I will be disappointed.

Throw me a bone and tell me that it does sound like it could be a Doctor Hook song.


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